Ensure exercises are graded automatically

Where exercises are not graded automatically, zoxiy will can match students’ answers against answers that have been graded in the past. So if you are setting an exercise involving multiple choices or a free text answer, it is usually worth answering your question and grading it.

Navigate back to the page for ‘Problem Set 01’ (or whatever you called the new lecture above). Go to any unit. Add an exercise: select ‘answer some true/false multiple choice questions’ as the type of exercise and include three free-text questions.

After creating the exercise you will see a link to it at the end of the list of exercises. Click that link to answer the exercise. Enter a correct answer and submit it.

Click the ‘GRADE’ button at the top right of the page on which you just submitted the exercise. Mark your answer as correct.

Return to the exercise and submit a different answer. It will be marked incorrect automatically.

If you add a comment to any of the answers while grading, all students who subsequently submit that answer will automatically get the same comment from you.