Grade some exercises

To become a tutor, visit this page: become a tutor. Then go back to the main page, either by using the ‘back’ command on your browser or by clicking ‘zoxiy’ at the top of any page in header.

(You can always get back to the main page quickly by clicking ‘zoxiy’ at the top of any page in header.)

From the main page click on ‘ADD TUTOR’ and specify yourself as your tutor. (You can have a actual students add you as a tutor if you like; you can also create multiple zoxiy accounts for different purposes.)

When you visit exercises to grade, you may not see any exercises to grade. This is because many exercises are graded automatically.

To fix this, complete any exercise which is not graded automatically, such as this one.

Now go back to exercises to grade and you should see a link to the exercise you just answered at the bottom of the page.

Click that link and grade your answer.

(When grading multiple students’ exercises you will see a list of all students’ answers for any question so that you can mark them all on a single page.)