Delete courses (and exercise sets, lectures, units etc.)

(Note: it is possible to hide exercise sets rather than deleting them. Hiding an exercise set means that students won’t normally find it unless they already have a link to it.)

To delete a course, you first need to navigate to the course webpage. You can find this in the list of all courses.

Once on the webpage, you will probably see that there is no ‘delete’ button anywhere next to the course. This is because a course cannot be deleted if it either has content or followers.

Before you can delete a course, you first need to delete all of its content. To do that, click on the link for any exercise, and then on the black pencil ( mode_edit ) to edit the exercise set. On the edit page you will see a blue delete button ( delete ) that will allow you to delete each lecture in this exercise set.

Once you have deleted all the lectures from an exercise set, you will see that a new red delete button (delete ) has appeared. Clicking this button will allow to delete the exercise set. And deleting the exercise set will return you to the page for your course (since the exercise set doesn’t exist any more).

Deleting all exercise sets associated with a course will unlock another red delete button (delete ) that will allow you to delete the whole course.