Manage several tutors as an instructor

An instructor is normally someone who one or more tutors grade for. The instructor can see an overview the tutors’ grading. (She can also review her tutors’ students’ progress if necessary.)

To become an instructor, visit this page: become an instructor. Then go back to the main page.

From the main page click on ‘ADD INSTRUCTOR’ to add yourself as your instructor. Note that for now you will have to type your email address exactly, matching the case, to set the instructor correctly. (You can have an actual tutor add you as an instructor. If you like, you can also create multiple zoxiy accounts for different purposes; but this isn’t necessary.)

Now when you visit the page called ‘ My Tutors’, you find links giving you a summary of each tutors’ students’ progress. This enables you to quickly check whether students are completing exercises are whether tutors are grading exercises.